Next akc Scent-work Trial FEb. 17, 2019 !!!

AKC Scent-work Fun with your dog!

Central Florida Dog Sports offers all levels of Scent-work instruction, seminars and trials.

Classes are on Mondays each week.


Scent-Work Instructor & Judge

Dr. Lind Weaver


Lind has a passion for teaching all aspects of scent work to dogs and their handlers. Lind teaches at several locations in Florida, conducts seminars and judges all over the country. 

Lind’s classes and seminars are fast moving, energy packed, followed by take home work to help you  hone your skills.
Lind is constantly seeking opportunities to continue her education in scent work, attending NASCW camps and seminars. Lind was at the Karen Shivers 2014-15-16 seminars who is the originator of the UKC NW.
Lind is an active competitor earning 14 NW titles, with titles in tracking and rally with her current teammate,  Honey Bear.  As an active competitor Lind understands the pressures and requirements for success in the ring.
Lind is an AKC Scent work judge, a UKC Nose work Judge, and a Barn hunt judge