Ramp and Dock System


 Our dock was designed after visiting facilities all over the country. There is one entry ramp that is a gradual incline. One dog on the system at a time. Dogs exit to the opposite side and is visable to the incoming handler so there is no delay in bringing in the next team.

State of the Art cushioned athletic turf

Our dock is 9' x 40' sitting 2 ft above the water surface. It is covered in Professional Quality athletic turf that is not slippery when wet. The dock is securely fence to 4 feet with partitions extending over the pool to prevent dogs from jumping toward the ramp. Our ramp is a solid , textured aluminum with a gradual incline ,safe for people and older dogs and puppies but enjoyed by all. The ramp has a stainless steel safety hand rail for additional safety.


We run 2 oversized pumps with cartridge filters to maintain great filtration of our 26,000 gallons. Our pool is vacuumed 2/3 times weekly.  As an extra layer of safety we have installer a UV sanitizer to make extra sure that our water is a clean as it can be.  We use UNIQUE* a non chemical, bio activated spray to clean up any accidents that occur on the turf and dock.  Our property is treated with a non-toxic outdoor insect Control PCO CHOICE that is composed of Cedar oil manufactured by


CFDS_UAD_Premium_November2019 (pdf)


Open Dock Most Weekends- Check our Facebook page for Dates

Try-it sessions are also available during Open Dock $25


Dock Diving Lessons & Open Dock-Practice


Dock diving lessons are taught by Gordon Roberts, UKC Dock Diving Judge and Dock Diving Competitor., or Cheri Tyre-Roberts, UKC Dock Diving Judge and Competitor .Your first lesson  will cover safety, the ramp system, safe toys, water toxicity and  the foundations for jumping. Subsequent lessons are customized for your needs.

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Lessons are $60 for one hour and may  include multiple dogs from the same family. You may also split an hour lesson with  friend at $30 each. 

Pool Rental

The pool is available for rental  for clubs and groups. The minimum rental block is 2 hours and is $200, for  5 dogs, additional dogs, as in large groups are  $25 each for the rental period. The rental period will be customized for larger groups to make sure everyone gets enough pool time., A non-refundable $100 deposit is required for all group rentals to hold your block of time. Please call for additional information.


 All Rentals are supervised to assure safety , the entire facility  is under video surveillance.

We host dog parties  and special fun day events for clubs. Call us and  let us help you plan a fun dog outing . 

Reserve the pool here

Cancellation Policy for lessons and rentals

When you schedule a lesson or rental please be aware that the date and time is reserved for you. We do understand that emergencies happen and will try to work with you.

The make-up policy for rentals is the same as for classes

You will be charged for the full lesson/rental if not cancelled 48 hours ahead of your reserved time.

Gordon Roberts aka "Coach"


Once a coach always a coach!

State of the Art : Dock, Pool and Ramp systems


Our pool uses a very graduated ramp and safety rail so it is safe and easy for old dogs and young ones...people too. 

Titles for Dock Diving Events

United Kennel Club (UKC), Ultimate Air Dogs & Austrailian Shepherd Club of America

Central Florida Dog Sports is proud to offer title programs with Ultimate Air Dogs(UAD), United Kennel Club(UKC) and Australian Shepherds Club of America(ASCA). One jump at Central Florida Dog Sports will go towards 3 different titles. Separate rules apply for each organization, read below to learn how.

United Kennel Club (UKC) title rules may be found at

Ultimate Air Dogs Title program is included with each membership. You do not have to register separately to earn titles through UAD. Go to to learn more about the Ultimate Air Dogs tile program

The Australian Shepherds Club of America has a title program open to all breeds and mixed breeds. Your dog does not have to be an Aussie to earn titles through ASCA. Separate registration is required. Click here to register with ASCA. All you need is a $10 Service membership to earn dock jumping titles. The Australian Shepherds Clubs title program works differently from UAD and UKC. They use different divisions and a points system to calculate the titles. Go to to see a complete set of ASCA dock jumping rules.