Up coming events- in Deland,Fl

Sparano Dock Diving Seminar Jan 13 & 14, 2018

We are hosting a World Class seminar conducted by Vic and Susanne Sparano.

Go to the Dock Divinga fillable form to register. This seminar is filling FAST!

Ultimate Air Dog Dock Diving Competition Feb. 3 & 4, 2018

Offering all events! Join us for our first trial it will be fun,fun,fun! Premium to be posted soon.

Marion Hansen Agility Seminar Feb. 10 & 11,2018

Learn from the best! Something for all levels. Distance, directionals and much more all presented in a positive progressive manner. This seminar fills quickly. 

ACT 1 & 2 Agility Trial March 4th, 2018

ACT 1 and 2 are AKC's newest agility titling classes. Dogs 15 months and older who have not earned a novice agility title are eligible.We run this like a trial , nice ribbons and trial quality equipment in a securely fenced arena.

Premium will be posted soon.

Central Florida Dog Sports, Professional , positive training

Cheri Tyre-Roberts BA Exercise Physiology - AKC Agility Judge, AKC CGC/Star Puppy Evaluator, UAD-UKC Dock Diving Judge.

Cheri has a lifetime of animal training experience. At 12 years old, Cheri's first job was being the sole foal handler (Birth-yearling) for an Arabian/Turkana breeding farm. She had a very successful career as  a head swim coach for 35 years, age group (high school, club & college). She has 25 years experience as a teacher. Cheri was a seminar presenter for skill progression in athletes. 

Since retiring Cheri has become a AKC Agility Judge & a master competitor of Agility. She has trained under some of the top performance trainers: Kathy Keats, Linda Mecklenburg, Susan Garrett, Daisy Peel, Bobbie Lyons, and Ashley Deacon. 

Cheri is a positive reinforcement trainer and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. Cheri brings her skills as coach, trainer, and athlete to our training program. 

Gordon Roberts Jr M.Ed- Barn Hunt Judge (Ret.) -Ultimate Air Dog Judge-Dock Diving Instructor-K9 Swim Instructor

Once a Coach - always a coach! Coach Gordon "Rob" Roberts is a well known and talented head football coach, weightlifting coach and seminar presenter for the past 30 years. Coach was the Florida State Weightlifting Director for 6 years. 

Rob was honored to be picked as one of the National Barn Hunt Judges in 2016. He is a highly experienced, and sought after Barn Hunt Seminar Presenter. 

We are fortunate to have Rob as the Head Dock Diving Instructor at Central Florida Dog Sports. He is also a Ultimate Air Dog Judge as well as a K9 Swim Instructor. 

Carrie McCord BA Business Management-Assistant Dock Diving Instructor-K9 Swim Instructor

Carrie has been assisting her parents with the family business for the last 10 years. She has helped assist in teaching many dog/handler classes. She is the Marketing Director for Central Florida Dog Sports.  Carrie and her husband Daniel are the proud parents of two rescue pups, Oreo & Jacks.

She was a competitive swimmer for the first 20 years of her life, so she is very comfortable with the K9 Swim & Dock Diving. She prides herself on being a K9 Swim instructor. 

The Boy's

Mr. Hollywood

PAM Chief Tomoka Ami Von Haus Roberts, CD, HT, AX,AXJ,MXP2,MXPB,MJP2,MJPB, NF,XFP,CGCA, BH-AX, BH-AJ, BH-XF, BH-RN

AKA; Momo! Momo is the man in charge , after retirement from agility he went on to earn a RATCHX in barnhunt and is having much fun swimming around in the dock diving pool.

Bur-Way's Gordie Howe Heart of Texas, RATN, BCAT

 Meet P-Pod, our resident speedster and terrier clown.  P-Pod is our puppy in training and does a good job of keeping the trainer humble.

Majestic's Behoshe Kee Von Haus Roberts, RN, TT,OA,OAJ,OF,CGCA, RATCHX, Senior Dock.

Meet Boo! Boo is our loudest security alarm, resident "fun police" and  biggest "Momma's boy" currently competing in agility and dock diving. 

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