EArn an AKC Agility Course Test Title on your dog!

Get your ACT together at Central Florida Dog Sports

AKC ACT -Agility Course Test

Central Florida Dog Sports Agility

Cheri and Boo

Agility should be fun!

Cheri is the head instructor for agility. She is an AKC agility judge and  active competitor in agility. Boo (GSD) is her current teammate,  P-Pod (Rat Terrier) is in training. 

Cheri  has titled dogs in agility in AKC, CPE, and Bahamas Kennel Club.

Momo and Cheri

Positive Training ONLY

Agility is a fun and exciting activity for you and your dog.  You are teammates, and the most rewarding achievement in agility is the relationship that you develop and refine with your dog that allows you to run as a team .

We use only positive reward, play and food treats to let our dogs know when they understood a command or learn a new skill.

Prong collars, harsh corrections, or harsh words just have no place in our training here at Central Florida Dog Sports.

Boo loves Weaves


TUESDAY's: 9-10am - 10-11am  , 5-6pm  -advanced & intermediate levels-Dogs trialing

WEDNESDAY's  5-6pm- Dogs preparing for ACT

                               4-5pm Foundations

* Class Policies*  

To ensure quality and enough repetition of skills all classes are limited to 6 dog/ handler teams. No drop ins allowed.

Agility classes are a one month commitment. Payment is due the first class of the month.

Most classes have a waiting list.

Private lessons are available by appointment

Training Grounds and Equipment

Our Training and Trial Grounds


Safety is important and we understand dogs. Our field is 110 x 110 with 4 ft high no-climb horse wire , 6" top boards and  securely gated.

No boredom training


We have developed a puppy/foundations and fitness section so while one dog is working in the ring the others have meaningful things to do to accelerate and firm up their training. 

Yes that is a bat house in the far corner, local labor keeping the insect population in check.

Great Equipment


All of our equipment is trial quality and we are constantly updating , calibrating and maintaining our equipment. We have Max200 and MADD Agility jumps, State of the Art Clip and Go Teeter, A-Frame and Dog Walk,  Tunnel tamer  and Clip and Go 

tunnel bags, European 20 ft tread tunnel, New heavy duty tunnels.